Gene Vincent's 40th Anniversary Get Together



President and founder of
Gene Vincent International Fan club "Lonely Street"
Thank you for creating this fan club!

Sarah Craddock (Tina)

Tina , Gene's sister will bring her memories and loving thoughts for her brother
as well as her voice to join the band and do some Gene's favorites .
Tina , we are all thrilled you'll be with us making this unique moment an even more intimate one

Chantiel Craddock ( Chantilly Lace )

Chantiel is the proud grand daughter of Gene and grew up in listening to Gene's songs as lullabies .
Carrying the legacy of her famous parent Chantiel is joining and make her debuts
on stage performing some favorite tunes .
A great emotional moment awaiting us
Thank you chantiel .


Rip Masters is a great fan of Gene's. He played the piano on one of Gene's last
recordings " Rose Of Love "
Rip was the first artist who signed up for the event .
That tells us something , and it's good .
Thanks for joining us Rip. It's a great honor .


Ray Campi is a true rockabilly legend of his own who shared the stage with
Gene Vincent back in 1958. He also recorded on "Forever Gene " an album
dedicated to Gene Vincent .
Thank you so much Ray for being with us on october 12th 

Ronnie Mack

Ronnie Mack is the north star of every rock and roll and rockabilly lover .
Even more true in the Los Angeles area
Not only is he extremely talented but his generosity is  legendary as well.
It was no surprise that Ronnie said he was coming as soon as he's heard
about a gene vincent commemorative event .
We couldn't be more grateful .Thank you Ronnie

Joe Finkle  and Johnny " Spazz " Hatton

Joe and Johnny along with their band will rock the stage like the blue caps did
55 years ago ,Count on these two well appreciated performers to connect us
with gene's history trough his music .
Thanks a lot Joe for coming forth and gracefully offer  your talent in the
service of Gene's memory .



The powerful, sensitive singer, songwriter, Karen Tobin, is a veteran of the Los Angeles Country Music scene and former recording artist with Arista Records - New York, and Atlantic Records - Nashville. Ms. Tobin has been compared with such luminaries of the female vocalist elite as Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. 

Mark Tortorici

Mark has made his name for years now as a behind the scene promoter  of rock and roll shows .
He is also a great performer that looked up to Gene as an inspiration .
He is putting his multiple talents at the service of the event , first as a DJ for the first half of the evening
and as a singer for the live musical part .
Thanks Mark .We are very happy you joined

Russell Scott

I met Russell 's parents at a Jerry Lee Lewis concert in Pomona
before I even knew Russell and I can tell you that rock and roll is in the blood
of this family .A Gene fans from an early age it's a must to have Russell with us .
Thanks a lot Russell we look forward to see and hear you  .

Ron Kakebeen


Stephen K Peeples   (EMCEE )


Among other things ,Stephen K. Peeples is a Grammy-nominated record producer .
He is host, writer and co-producer of the “House Blend" music and interview show on SCVTV
and drummer with SCV jazz group RainTree
He also writes and produces the weekly “Peeples Place at KHTS” blog for award-winning, top-ranked SCV website
Steven accepted to squeeze an already very busy schedule  to be the host of the evening , the EMCEE as we say .
He will be the crucial element to have the evening unfold in the most pleasant manner bringing his professionalism
his passion for music and his  interest in Gene Vincent along with his humor for us to enjoy
Thanks Steven

House Band

JOHN palmer


Stephan Franck